Brie Bella Delivers Message to Cyber Bullies Following Botched Spot on RAW


Brie Bella, who has been under a lot of heat with fans online after giving Liv Morgan a concussion on last week’s episode of RAW, took to Instagram and commented on cyber bullying.

“As a first time Mom I’ve never experienced unconditional love like this. The way she loves on me, needs me and makes me feel that I’m her whole world. Her sweet smile makes my day better, her laugh sounds like heaven and her hugs make my heart skip a beat.

We all were babies at one time. Filled with innocence, laughter and love. We never judged, hated or bullied people. We’d look in the mirror and played peek a boo with ourselves and think our shadow was the best thing ever. We just simply lived.

I hope people can find that feeling again, happiness. Happy people don’t waste their time or energy being cyber bullies….miserable people do. If you aren’t living the life you wish I pray that you find what makes your heart happy and stop wasting energy on promoting hate.

For the happy people, silence hate. Don’t let it bring you down.”

It’s worth nothing that Brie disabled comments for this post, which you can check out below.

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