We’re going to see a lot of action at WWE Super Showdown. Four different titles will be on the line in Australia. Normally there’s a lot more, but given that all of Raw’s champions are involved in tag team action, they will not be defended. It really do be like that sometimes.
Since only four titles will be defended, that makes my job of guessing who wins a lot easier. Without further ado, here are my predictions for Super Showdown.

cedric alexander

Cedric Alexander has been the Cruiserweight Champion since Wrestlemania. He’s rapidly approaching 180 days as champion. In that time, he’s defeated the likes of Drew Gulak, Hideo Itami, and Kalisto. In Australia, he faces his greatest challenge yet, in the form of perpetually on the risk of being overweight Buddy Murphy.
While both men are no doubt extraordinary athletes, I believe Alexander walks away from Super Showdown still the Cruiserweight Champion. Admittedly, I don’t really keep up with 205 Live, so I could be wrong on this one. Still, Cedric has been a strong champion, so I expect him to pick up the victory here.
Alexander has already defeated Murphy before, so I think that he is going to retain. Still, I could be wrong. This is the entry I’m least certain of. I didn’t even know that the Cruiserweights would be on the card until I looked at it on Wikipedia.

becky lynch

Becky Lynch is a part of one of the hottest feuds of the year. She shocked the world by going to the dark side, and with her new found power, she was able to claim the Smackdown Women’s Championship for a second time.
At Super Showdown, Lynch will defend her title against her former best friend and now bitter enemy Charlotte Flair. After all, it was Flair who caused Lynch to snap in the first place. It was also Flair who lost her title fair and square to Lynch.
I do expect this match to end with shenanigans somehow. I don’t necessarily think Lynch will cheat to win, but something will go down in this match. If ever, the big match between these two women will probably take place at Evolution, which means Lynch gets to be a champion for a little while longer.

the new day

At Super Showdown, The New Day defends their Smackdown Tag Team Championship against the Bar in what promises to be an exciting clash. These two teams go way back. It was the Bar who ended New Day’s historic 500 million day reign as Raw Tag Team champions. It wouldn’t be completely out of the blue for Sheamus and Cesaro to walk away from Super Showdown with the blue and silver around their waists.
But at the same time, I can’t help but feel that New Day isn’t losing the championship so soon. It’s only been two months. Kofi Kingston just broke the record for most days ever as a Tag Team Champion. That’s sort of a big deal.
It’s tough to call, and I’m going on gut feeling alone when I say that the New Day will be retaining their titles at Super Showdown.


Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe has been playing mind games with the WWE Champion, AJ Styles. He’s been to the latter’s house, and he’s repeatedly brought up Style’s family. I think these mind games will pay off at Super Showdown.
Joe winning the WWE Championship in Australia will reinforce the idea that every event is must-see and that anything can happen. It would also certainly create an even bigger buzz around Super Showdown.
Joe with the WWE Championship would certainly be interesting, to say the least. Joe is tough as nails, and he will get under your skin and beat you within an inch of your life. If Samoa Joe beats AJ Styles at Super Showdown, it will be hard to take the title from him.

Steve Carrier

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