The IIconics On Eventually Breaking Up & Feuding


Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are natural heels that came from NXT without doing much in the ring. But they were still able to entertain plenty on their way up. The Iconic Duo became simple The IIconics once they were called up, and it seems like they’re a duo for good.

Billie and Peyton recently spoke to the Not Sam Podcast where he asked them if they would consider working as singles competitors. Obviously, this wasn’t something they were looking forward to.

“We had the chance in NXT to find ourselves and I did not feel like my complete Peyton Royce without my Billie Kay.”

They said “this is the way it should be and I hope it always will be.” meaning they’re not keen on breaking up the act just yet.

They also said that they refuse to feud with each other when that time comes. Then again, it’s not like they really have the choice if that’s the way WWE books things for them.

Only time will tell if WWE ends up splitting up the IIconics, but when that time comes the two will need to be prepared. But for the time being, they are loving every moment as a tandem.

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