Popular Indie Wrestling Star Is “Definitely” On WWE’s Radar

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You never know what can happen in pro wrestling and the reason we say that all the time is because it is true. If you paid attention to All In like so many other fans you might have been a little confused about why a wrestler known as Bandido was included in the main event. There is a reason for that and since All In his stock has not only soured, but he has also been getting a proper amount of attention.

Mike Johnson briefly discussed Bandido during PW Insider Elite’s audio update where he disclosed that the young wrestler is “definitely” on WWE’s radar.

“Bandido, if you’ve never seen him. He’s a lucha star. About 23/24 years old. Absolutely awesome. Definitely on the WWE radar already.”

Only time will tell what happens, after all, a lot can stand in the way to securing a big talent, especially one in such demand such as Bandido. But it wouldn’t be surprising to hear soon enough that WWE has made him an offer he can’t refuse.

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