WWE Superstar Wants Lower Rating In WWE 2K19 For Hilarious Reason

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WWE Superstars are all excited about upcoming WWE 2K19 game, especially if they made the roster list. But the ratings for the game have caused some people to do a little bit of complaining. Mojo Rawley is one of those Superstars, but apparently, he thinks the 2K team was too generous with his rating.

Mojo Rawley is currently sitting with a 75 rating in WWE 2K19, but he recently tweeted out that another score meets his liking way more and you’d never guess why… then again maybe you could.

Rawley sent out a tweet saying: “Dear WWE Games, you rated me as a 75 in WWE 2K19. Please removed 6 points from my overall score immediately. Thank you.”

Just in case you’re doing the match at home, this would put Mojo with a 69 rating for the game if the 2K team fulfilled his humble request. We have no idea why he would want this low of a rating, but maybe someone could enlighten us in the comments below… nevermind we just got it. Good one, Mojo.

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