WWE Superstar Calls Sheamus Out For Bullying — He Calls It A “Fairytale”

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The climate WWE tries to foster is one of acceptance and a place where bullying won’t be accepted or tolerated. But apparently, someone should tell that to the people currently acting in such a way. We’re not saying it defintely happens, but in the cut-throat atmosphere with so many creative and physical people, you can never stop every semblance of the practice of bullying.

Big E recently decided that he wanted to tell a story about Sheamus and how the New Day member was a witness to Sheamus’ not too becoming behavior.

The five-time WWE Tag Team Champion tweeted out saying: “I met Sheamus in 2009. I was 23 & he was significantly older. Although he was on the main roster, he used to come down to FCW to bully the new kids & hear the boys tell him how great he is. In those days, it violated wrestling etiquette to swing on him. Etiquette be damned.”

It is interesting how Big E noted that at the time it “violated wrestling etiquette” to throw a swing at Sheamus, but “etiquette be damned,” at this point. We wonder what happened and if this could be a sign of something bigger going on backstage.

The Celtic Warrior replied to the accusations saying “in this fairytale I see you scribing this tweet with quill, wearing a smoking jacket, and surrounded by many leather bound books. Any more from Big E’s BS Stories Of Yore?”

So it sounds like Sheamus isn’t copping to the bullying but a few people have already commented on the subject. After all, if you’re familiar with Sheamus then you are probably aware that this kind of thing has been rumored about him in the past.

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