Huge Sign Hulk Hogan Could Be Working WWE’s Crown Jewel Event In Saudi Arabia

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It appears that Hulk Hogan is being teased for the upcoming Crown Jewel show on November 2nd in Saudi Arabia. Turki Al-Sheikh, the Chairman of the General Sports Authority in Saudi Arabia recently sent out of tweet including a picture of Hulk Hogan with an interesting and somewhat vague message.

The translation for the message included in this tweet is: “What is the World Cup that nobody is talking about.” This is a very strange remark to make with a picture of Hogan above, but you never know if the Hulkster might make a return to present a trophy? Who really knows at this point because Hogan can’t take bumps due to his knee and back issues, but you never know if he could be used in another way during the show.

But it was apparent that the Saudi Prince who booked the Greatest Royal Rumble was a fan of Hogan’s because he asked for him to be there. Then again, he also asked for The Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior, and Yokozuna and WWE could only deliver Taker for the show.

Only time time will tell what goes down when WWE sends the roster back to Saudi Arabia for another one of their shows as part of the partnership between the two kingdoms, but WWE don’t be bringing any women along for the ride once again, brother but you never know if Hulk Hogan might hop on a private jet with the VIPs and take a ride to the Middle East to see what kind of reaction he would get.

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