Carmella Is No Longer Blonde As She Changes Her Hair In A Big Way


Carmella is now a babyface and dancing to the ring with R-Truth. This turn from heel status happened seemingly overnight as soon as she was paired with Truth for the second season of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge too. But for whatever reason, she’s leaving her heel persona behind.

It seems like she’s switching up way more than just her personality at this point because Carmella appeared at a WWE live event last night sporting burgundy hair. So it looks like she’s leaving the blonde behind with her bad girl antics as well.

Only time will tell how long this will keep up, but it’s always interesting when a Superstar changes up their hair in such a way. When Baron Corbin shaved his head he said that he had been pushing to make it happen for a year at that point. After all with all the action figures and video games WWE has in the pipeline, this kind of things takes some time to get approved.

You can check out some photos below and let us know what you think about The Princess Of Staten Island’s new look.

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