Enzo Amore Mourns As Long-Time Friend Passes Away

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If you’re a fan of Enzo Amore and you frequent his Instagram then you are aware of the fact that he has his dogs trained very well. They will sit next to their bowls and look at Real1 until he yelled, “go get it!” before they start noshing. But today is a sad day for Enzo because his bulldog Frank passed away.

He’s been through a lot with Frank and although we don’t know exactly what happened, Enzo updated his Instagram status to let fans know that all dogs do go to heaven which is sure to be where Frank ends up.

He also uploaded some other media on Instagram of Frank as a puppy. One video of him flirting with JoJo is rather hilarious as Real1 thanks his old buddy for helping him pick up chicks.

Our thoughts are with Enzo Amore and everyone who knew Frank as they deal with this tough time.




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