Kenny Omega is a worldwide pro wrestling star at this point. It is rare to find a market that he couldn’t draw big numbers in with just his name on the card alone. So naturally, you would think that his talents could be used in commercials and you would be right. Omega is fluent in Japanese which is excellent for him, but luckily for us, this commercial has subtitles.
As you can see below, Omega’s latest Japanese commercial not only shows off his superb Japanese language skills, but he also has a chance to show off some acting chops as well. It’s a pretty hilarious commercial and we don’t want to spoil it for you, but Omega ends up crying at the end.
It seems that Kenny Omega’s hair might be a focal point to the Japanese fanbase because that is the focus of this little advertisement. Apparently, everyone in Japan wants hair like Kenny’s and why wouldn’t they?
So this Razer commercial which proclaims #NoHeadSetHair might be right on the money for the Japanese market. If anything, it certainly entertained us.

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H Jenkins

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