RAW Superstar Mike Kanellis has hit yet another milestone in his journey of sobriety. As of the past few days, Kanellis is now 14 months sober. He had been addicted to painkillers for years, and it was through his time with WWE that he was able to overcome the addiction.
Posting a ripped selfie to his Instagram account in an effort to show how far he has come, Kanellis spoke passionately about how he has been feeling now he is 14 months clear:

“The other day marked 14 months sober. Sometimes I look back and beat myself up for letting my life spiral out of control. What would life have looked like if I just put down those painkillers? What could I have accomplished if my only thoughts weren’t about pills? But then I remember the hard times make you who you are. It defines whether you are willing to give up or fight. And it also gives you the confidence to remember, that even though life seems tough right now, I survived addiction. Life cannot defeat me. I have a lot to be thankful for, my beautiful wife who saved my life. My perfect baby girl, who reminds me every day is a blessing. I’m thankful for WWE, who stuck by me when they had every right not too. I’ve turned my addiction into an obsession. An obsession to be the best me every day. The best father, the best husband, the best friend and the best employee. Not every day is unicorns and rainbows, but I try to tell myself it doesn’t have to be. You survived addiction, you are a bad MOFO!”

You can see the selfie here:

Kanellis’ wife Maria is currently injured but is expected to be cleared within the next month- before the Evolution PPV in Uniondale. With both of the Kanellis’ able to compete, there is some chance they make a larger comeback on WWE TV.
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