Rey Mysterio popped up in two Royal Rumbles for WWE this year and he also worked a lot of big shows on the indies and in NJPW. The strong rumors are that he’s WWE-bound as soon as he wraps up a few more indie dates that included All In. WWE was willing to do what they needed in order to bring him back, after all, he’s still a huge draw.
Mysterio recently appeared on Apter Chat were he discussed his current contract status. At this time it doesn’t sound like there is an offer, but Mysterio certainly seemed open to the idea of signing one if the right deal comes along.

“In my independent wrestling life I get to choose and pick when I want to wrestle, where I want to wrestle if I want matches like vs Kenny [Omega] I’m going to make them happen if it’s possible. So there is no insurence or security right now that I am going back [to WWE].”
“I’ll tell you what though if the time is right and there’s an agreement on both ends between WWE and myself and there was an offer on the table I wouldn’t say no if it is correct, if it’s the right one. But in the meantime, I’m still enjoying my liberty out here as an independent wrestler.”

Only time will tell if Rey Mysterio and WWE will come to a deal or even if one is on the table and he’s just saying there isn’t one because that’s what all people say when they’re headed to WWE. But for now, it seems like Rey Mysterio is certainly enjoying himself on the indies.
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