Ryback opens today’s show by talking about Renee Young’s promotion to a full time member of the RAW commentary team. He congratulates her and points out that she’s a very nice person. He can’t recall ever seeing Young upset, and notes that she’s always happy. He thinks she does a very good job on commentary by adding a different perspective on certain topics, and he thinks this is a great situation all the way around.

Ryback points out that Wade Barrett’s film, “Vengeance” has been green lit for a sequel. This is great news for Barrett, who has moved away from an in-ring wrestling career in favour of an acting career. Ryback thinks that Barrett has transitioned seamlessly into acting and thinks he has a great future in that business.
Hulk Hogan announced recently that the NWO will be making a return, with him, Hall and Nash making various appearances. Hogan also announced that contrary to popular belief, they have Vince McMahon’s approval to do these appearances. Ryback points out that this is a great opportunity for these three men to do very well financially. It also speaks to how important the NWO faction was in 1996, that in 2018 these three men can draw crowds with that brand.

WWE sent out a survey last week where they highlighted some potential new WWE Network shows. One potential new show would focus on WWE’s developmental territories and the transition from HWA to OVW to FCW to NXT. Ryback points out that once WWE got more involved with their developmental territory and transitioned FCW to NXT, things were taken to a completely different level. He wishes WWE would have been more involved during the days of OVW and FCW as well.
Ryback comments on Velveteen Dream’s two recent appearances for Evolve. He doesn’t think these appearances had anything to do with seasoning Dream as a performer, unless Triple H was handpicking a veteran opponent for Dream. Ryback thinks these appearances were more about building WWE’s relationship with Evolve and creating some buzz within the industry by getting people talking.

In other news this week, apparently WWE has agreed to be a part of a new “tell all” book about the company’s history. Ryback jokes that he’d love to hear more about some of the hotel hot tub stories from years gone by. In all seriousness, he’s sure WWE will have creative control over this book and they certainly won’t allow themselves to look bad in the public’s eye since they’re a publicly traded company.
He’s sure the writers will create some drama in the book in order to present WWE as the company that overcame all the odds to become a juggernaut. There’s no denying that these behind-the-scenes documentaries and books always do well because people want to know about what happens behind-the-scenes. On the other hand, the fact that fans didn’t know everything about the business in years gone by allowed them to enjoy the product more.

Ryback doesn’t understand the recent criticism directed at Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, stemming from Musk’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he smoked Marijuana. Ryback points out that Musk is an extremely intelligent human being who delivered a very insightful interview with Rogan. He just thinks that everyone looks for something to criticize in order to distract them from their miserable lives.

Ryback notes that he doesn’t see any issue with Musk smoking marijuana in that laid back environment during Rogan’s interview. He notes that he smokes marijuana from time to time, but he doesn’t function well on it. He can smoke it after having a few drinks and then he’ll go right to bed, but he wouldn’t want to smoke it daily because he doesn’t think he’d be as productive as he is now.
That sums up this week’s episode of Conversation With the Big Guy. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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