Paul Heyman has led a stable of wrestlers before and it’s apparently not off the table for it to happen again in WWE.
Joe Peisich said on the Barnburner Fired Up podcast that while they seem to be partnering a couple managers up with clients in WWE, Paul Heyman is apparently waiting in the wings and preparing to break things wide open soon enough.

“We talked about Lio Rush, he’s the new mouthpiece of Bobby Lashley and I said that Paul Heyman is talking about starting a new faction or whatever and there’s talk of Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, Samoa Joe or whatever — they’re bringing in Authors of Pain have Drake Maverick as their new manager. Now Bobby Lashley has Lio Rush. When is… they put guys who are wrestlers go on but when are they going to get the true sort of manager or advocate and he’s going to start a major, major group.”
“Guaranteed and it should be happening in maybe a month or 6 weeks that Paul Heyman will bring in a major, major, major group to the WWE.”

Only time will tell what WWE does with Heyman now that Lesnar is no longer a part of the picture. After all, they could decide not to use him at all and then Paul would be free once again to focus on all of his other projects. But from the sounds of it, Heyman might be back and he won’t be coming alone.
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