Mick Foley came down to the ring this week to interrupt Elias’ segment and put himself into the Universal Title match at Hell In A Cell. But Foley won’t be wrestling at the pay-per-view, he will be the special guest referee. But if we know anything about HIAC matches, the referee isn’t always safe. After all, Tim White’s career was ended after a bump off the cell.
Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that while Foley is in the match, it is curious seeing how he has a big red flag on him meaning he can’t take any bumps. Of course, we’d never put anything past Mick Foley, but it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll be mixing it up too much.

“The thing is because he’s not allowed to take any bumps or anything like that at least that’s what I was told because of his concussions and everything. So it’s like put him in there as a ref it’s kind of weird because a guest ref has to do something physical in theory.”
“But he’s not allowed to do anything physical. I guess he could do the mandible claw, there’s no reason he can’t do that. But do you really want him doing it on Strowman? I guess I don’t know. Strowman can’t hit him or anything as far as I know.”

Only time will tell what happens at Hell In A Cell, but it seems like he’s in a spot that he might not be appropriate for. But then again, it’s a great way to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of his massive Hell In A Cell falls. Let’s just hope he can play it safer this time as a special guest referee.
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