The legendary commentator good ole JR was a recent guest on Bubba Ray Dudley’s Busted Open Radio where they discussed, in detail, the successes of last Saturday’s ALL IN super show, and the possible future of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. While not confirmed, Ross has a gut feeling that Cody and the Jacksons will not be performing at the joint Ring of Honor/New Japan show taking place at Madison Square Garden on WrestleMania weekend/ Why not? Because JR thinks there is just too much money for the Elite to make in WWE.

I don’t have anything concrete to base that on other than my gut instinct. My gut instinct is no (on them working MSG show). There’s too many big, big dollars that are possible to obtain. Cody has to start a family, probably will some day. Money is big in this delicate business.
Some of these guys can’t even tie their shoes nowadays and they need to save their money. So I’m hoping these kids will learn from some of their peers and predecessors. Hey I can have my run and sell a bunch of T-shirts, but the bottom line is I gotta have a bunch of money in the bank.

While Ross makes a good point…I think he severely underestimates how much money The Young Bucks and Cody make. Are they making WWE money? Absolutely not, but are they making more than enough to survive and thrive by staying on their own. I think so. For so long every assumes that this business is only about putting dollars in the bank account. It’s more than that…it’s about leaving a mark. Sending a message.
What do you think RingSide? Is JR onto something here?

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