Bad News For NXT UK Superstar — Will Require Major Surgery

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Sam Gradwell was set to be a pretty important part of NXT: UK, but unfortunately things aren’t looking too good for him. The doctors found a previously repaired ACL from a surgery in 2012 was flaring up and possibly needed more attention. So he wasn’t allowed to work for the time being.

Now Gradwell has an injury update and it’s not good news, especially considering the fact that NXT: UK is really going to need to pick up off the ground soon.

Gradwell recently updated fans via social media to give us an update and it doesn’t sound good at all.

“Injury Update: Unfortunately MRI results have come back and shown a complete, full-thickness re-tear of my ACL and will require reconstructive surgery.”

“Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch and thank you for the support.”

“The plan now is to get the surgery done, rehab like my life depends on it (it does), and get back ot doing what I love, better than I’ve ever done it before.”

Hopefully, Gradwell will be able to heal up quick and get back in the ring. After all, this is a crucial part of his career especially considering NXT: UK and the possibilities of performing for that wider audience.

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