All In is less than a day away, as Cody Rhodes spoke with Steven Muehlhausen of Sporting News to confirm that the upcoming independently funded show is not an attempt at hurting his former employer.

Cody claims All In is not meant to hurt WWE in any way. In fact, the former ROH World Champion explains that All In can be seen as a product to provide fans with something new. What he and The Young Bucks are doing has never been done before, and no harm was ever intended.

“All In isn’t an attempt to puncture WWE. We are guys who don’t have that particular mindset. If you are a fan of WWE, that is great. What we are trying to do is provide fans with something new that has never been done. Look at this event as a whole. No one has attempted to try something like this before. Me, Matt and Nick wanted to do something that would provide fans with more options and there is nothing wrong with giving the world more viewing opportunities.”

Additionally, Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks had the following comment to add:

“There is more than just WWE in the professional wrestling landscape. We are happy to show to not just our fans, but all wrestling fans in general that there is plenty of space for everyone in the pro wrestling circle.”

Are you going to be watching All In? Do you think it will hurt WWE in any capacity? Sound off in the comments below.

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