The Constable caught up with Mike Rome for a WWE exclusive to talk about his victory over Finn Balor on Monday Night Raw. Originally, Corbin was disqualified for using a chair, but snagged a microphone and said that he forgot to announce the match at NO DQ. (The Lone Wolf would hit the End-of-Days right after to secure his victory.) Corbin tells Rome that we should expect much more of this type of action in the future, because it’s a waste for a man who has power not to use it.

Look if you’re given power and you don’t use it you’re wasting it. It’s like buying a Ferrari and keeping it in the garage and not driving it. It is a waste. So I plan on using every ounce of it that I have to benefit me and Monday Night Raw. And I’m gonna make sure that Kurt Angle has big shoes to fill when he comes back….if he comes back.

H/T and transcribed at RingSide News

Watch the full promo below.


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