Top 5 Merchandise Sellers In WWE

Roman Reigns took over the top spot in WWE’s merch sales list which was a place John Cena previously dominated. But Cena will be fine financially so don’t start a GoFundMeFor him just yet.

Numbers 3 through 5 are very interesting ones though. AJ Styles is at number 3 which makes sense because not only is it AJ Styles, but he’s also the top name on SmackDown and his merch is pushed at Blue Brand house shows.

Number 4 happens to belong to Finn Balor meaning that he is actually over, even more so than Seth Rollins apparently who in spite of being IC Champion, The Architect is holding at #5.

Judging by how WWE tells the popularity of Superstars by how much money they’re selling, this is interesting. You’ll also notice how there are no females on the list either, but with Evolution on the way that could very well change.

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