SmackDown Superstar Thinks WWE Has Too Many Female Superstars


There is only so much time to go around on television, especially when you’re only stuck with 2 hours for SmackDown Live. Not everyone can get on television, but at this point, WWE isn’t featuring everyone equally at all leaving some people left off television for weeks who used to be regulars just prior to the last pay-per-view.

Naomi hasn’t had people feel the glow in a big way in a while and she recently commented to a fan who said, “WWE has a woman problem. And the problem is there’s too many of them. Alot of the talent is getting lost in the shuffle. I haven’t seen Naomi in a long while and Bayley hasn’t been on the last 3 PPVs. Evolution couldn’t have come at a better time.”

The Glow replied saying, “true dat.” Whether she’s agreeing for the entire statement or just the fact that Evolution couldn’t have come at a better time remains to be seen. But it could have certainly been a pretty satisfying way to get her point across without saying it herself.

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