Miz Is Not Happy That He’s Absent From SummerSlam Poster

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The A-lister spoke with Complex recently about his upcoming SummerSlam matchup with long-time rival Daniel Bryan this evening from the Barclay’s Center.

The former Intercontinental Champion seems as aggressive as he’s ever been in preparation for the American Dragon, and part of that is due to his frustration that he’s missing from the marquee SummerSlam poster.

Go to Barclays [Center] today and look at the poster. Guess who’s not on it? [Points to himself.] This face! Daniel Bryan is on it, why isn’t The Miz? I don’t understand this. I don’t understand how I am not the face when I put butts in seats. I make people talk. When I talk, people listen. I get aggravated because no matter what I do, nobody ever gives me credit.

“Being in New York, living with strangers on the Real World in the Meatpacking District, I developed all the tools I possibly could to become a WWE superstar. I went to acting classes, I went to improv classes, I studied the art of professional wrestling. Daniel Bryan is the indie darling as everyone always says, but I don’t need to brag and boast about my indie life. I like to brag and boast about my WWE life because that’s where the big boys play, and on Sunday, Daniel Bryan will find out how big I really am.

Check out the full interview here where Miz goes on to talk about the B-Team’s success, and how WWE continues to underutilize him.


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