NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 had a sold-out crowd last night as Tommaso Ciampa took on Johnny Gargano in their third encounter. Coming out of that show, however, fans noticed a pretty obscure easter egg referencing Rusev and Lana that nobody made mention to during the show.

The video wall that stretches across the Barclays Center- as with any WWE show is animated throughout the night to play various clips fitting the theme of the show. With the NXT TakeOver series, WWE often has HTML code or glitch-based video walls as it stays true to that theme.

One fan reading the long video wall found that the company had hidden an easter egg in one of the HTML lines of code. It reads “an angry Rusev orders Lana to get out.” The fan tweeted his findings:


Another fan on social media was quick to point out that the description on the video wall comes from a YouTube video WWE uploaded back in 2015. The description reads that “an angry Rusev orders Lana to get out of the locker room area following his loss to U.S. Champion.” You can find that clip here.

Also of note, another fan noticed the text “red arrow” in a line of HTML code, leading him to question if Neville could be returning to the ring. We believe this is more likely a reference to Neville being NXT Champion and paying homage to that.

Did you notice the easter egg during the show? Have you noticed others in the past? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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