The advocate for the Beast was a guest on WFAN’s Benigno & Roberts Show to promote his clients Universal Title matchup against Roman Reigns this Sunday at SummerSlam.

During the broadcast, Heyman debunks any criticisms of Lesnar’s title reign, specifically the one that indicates that the champ is never around, by calling Lesnar an “educated businessman.” When the argument continued, Heyman brought up the numbers that Lesnar has produced as champion in comparison to the numbers during a former client’s title run back in 2012.

What was the stock when CM Punk was champion? What’s the stock now? I have news for everybody: I know this will come as a shock… this is something fans hate to hear. Ready? It’s a business. It’s a business. So, the stock, when CM Punk was champion, was, what 19, 20, 21? The stock is now 80! 80 dollars per share! Who was the main event at WrestleMania? Who was the main event at SummerSlam? Who’s the most featured performer? Who’s on all the billboards? Who’s on all the posters? Brock Lesnar.

In another comparison between the Beast and the Best….the Beast once again comes out on top thanks to Paul E. Dangerously.

Check out Heyman’s full comments here.



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