Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn IV!

The main event tonight is the highly anticipated Last Man Standing match for the NXT Championship between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. The year-and-a-half long rivalry will culminate tonight when the two former partners beat the life out of each other. Hyperbole in mind, this feud may very well be the best thing WWE has done in over a decade. There’s just no overstating how incredible this rivalry has been in every way, not to mention it’s somehow stayed so fresh despite the length of the feud. It’s a testament to both NXT management and the two men involved. Expect fireworks tonight and a long, emotional finale to the best feud on WWE TV.

While all of the attention is on the main event, tonight’s TakeOver also features some other incredible bouts. Adam Cole will face Ricochet for the North American Championship in a match that could very well steal the show. Cole’s cronies however, The Undisputed Era, will face Moustache Mountain for the NXT Tag Team Championship’s. The Undisputed Era could walk-out of NXT with a lot of gold, or none at all! The stakes are high!

We also have Kairi Sane facing Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship Match. Sane has already beaten Baszler, the only person to do-so in WWE, and if she does it again tonight she will win the title in the process! The final match at tonight’s TakeOver sees EC3 face The Velveteen Dream in the encounter of the ego’s. This is a strangely compelling feud between two pseudo-heels but it should make for a fun match! Remember to follow us on Instagram, download the Ringside News app, and enjoy the show!


Kick-Off Show

We join Charly Caruso, Sam Roberts, and Pat McAfee for the TakeOver Kick-Off Show panel! The trio talk-up the importance of tonight’s event and the significance of these Brooklyn shows.

We see the WWE.Com video analysing the scene of Aleister Black’s attack in the NXT parking lot – Who Shot Mr. Burns style. Charly asks Roberts and McAfee to weigh-in, and Sam says Black has warned the entire NXT roster with an Instagram post in which he said “I Am Watching You”. McAfee says Black has fallen from the pent-house to the out-house and he will come back with a vengeance. Roberts says Black will look to take-out everyone when he comes back, unless William Regal can figure-out who attacked Black.

We go outside to see Mike Rome with the NXT crowd, who are full of energy. Back with the panel and Caruso hypes the WWE Network, before they run down the entire card. They go back to the United Kingdom Tournament and show Moustache Mountain defeating The Undisputed Era, then the faction winning it back after Tyler Bate threw in the towel. We see a video of Cathy Kelly interviewing The Undisputed Era and asking them if they’re nervous to face Moustache Mountain. Kyle O’Reilly says they debuted one year ago and they will make more history tonight. Roderick Strong says they are only getting better and the story of The Undisputed Era is only beginning. Adam Cole gives props to Ricochet but says he won’t be winning tonight. The Undisputed Era are going from strength to strength. Back with the panel, Sam Roberts says Moustache Mountain is one of few teams who can beat The Undisputed Era, because they’ve already done it, and this could be the match of the night. Pat says Moustache Mountain are great, the best name he’s ever heard, but the Era have momentum right now. McAfee says Bate and Seven are the best team out of England since The British Bulldogs. Both McAfee and Roberts think Moustache Mountain will win the belts and defend them in NXT U.K.

The next match up for discussion is The Velveteen Dream Vs. EC3. Roberts reckons EC3 and Dream are the two most popular and promising stars in NXT today. McAfee says he believes EC3 will steal the show tonight. Roberts asks Pat how an athlete should respond to being thrown in a pool, the way EC3 did to Dream, to which he kinda rambles about John Cena’s movie Ferdinand and doesn’t answer the question. Charly asks if Dream and EC3 are even on the same page, do they even recognise each other, to which Roberts says he doesn’t believe they even think about their opponents. Roberts sides with Dream, while Pat says an easy win for EC3.

We see a video package of the Adam Cole and Ricochet rivalry. It’s a great video in which Cole talks about his debut one year ago tonight, and since then he won the first ever NXT War Games match and became the first-ever North American Champion. Pat McAfee reminds us that he and Adam Cole do not get along, to which Charly hilariously calls him “butthurt”. Ricochet then joins the panel for a little interview. Charly asks Ricochet how he’s feeling ahead of the match and if he feels any extra pressure, to which Ricochet says no. He says he has been training for this moment his whole life and he’s ready. Roberts asks Ricochet if he thinks he’s as special, or more, than Adam Cole. Ricochet says The Undisputed Era is special, they’re on another level that he isn’t, because he’s better than each of them. Pat says the North American Championship represents the U.S, Canada, Mexico, “and probably some other countries”, and a lot of those people don’t like Cole. He then calls Ricochet a “human joystick”. Ricochet says he wants to establish some prestige to the North American Championship, something Cole has not done.

We see Kairi Sane arriving at the arena earlier, then Shayna Baszler arriving with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, three parts of the MMA Four Horsewomen. We come back to the panel and Roberts says he fell in love with Sane during the Mae Young Classic. However, he thinks the loss in the final changed Shayna Baszler and she has been undefeatable. Pat says Baszler will be NXT Women’s Champion as long as she wants to be. Roberts says history disagree’s with Pat, but Asuka proves him wrong.

Tonight’s NXT TakeOver theme is “Made An America” by TheFever333, the band’s great debut album is available on Spotify and iTunes!

We see the full analysis video of who might have attacked Aleister Black again. While Tommaso Ciampa seems the obvious suspect, they should look for any babies in the vicinity. William Regal joins the panel and says he will have to work tirelessly to figure out who perpetrated the attack. He says this is the hardest thing of his career because he will have to fire someone he scouted and hired. Pat asks Regal how he’s doing because he seems flustered, and Regal says it certainly has cost him sleep and almost ruined tonight’s main event. He says he isn’t flustered but disappointed.

The last match to be talked about is the main event, the Last Man Standing match. The panel discuss how personal and vitriolic the rivalry has become. Pat says the referee has an easy job tonight because he simply has to count to 10. Roberts says Gargano will lose tonight because he is far too emotional. McAfee says the real winner tonight is the fans who get to watch. And with that we see one final video package and the Kick-Off Show is over. Enjoy the main card!

NXT Tag Team Champonship Match

(C) The Undisputed Era Vs. Moustache Mountain

Trent Seven and Roderick Strong start the match. They circle the ring and O’Reilly distracts Seven, allowing Strong knock Bate off of the apron. Strong and O’Reilly beat on Seven in the corner until Bate comes back in and tries to help Seven. Strong and Reilly get the better of them and then all four men engage in a brawl until Bate and Seven knock Strong and O’Reilly from the ring.

Order is restored as Trent brings O’Reilly back into the ring and slaps him hard on the chest. Bate is tagged-in and hits a senton from the top rope to O’Reilly. Strong makes the tag but gets floored by Bate and Seven comes back in for an assisted splash to Roddy. Strong reverses an Irish whip with a backbreaker and tags O’Reilly in. Kyle lands some Muay Thai kicks to Seven, flooring him with one to chest. The Undisputed Era keep Trent Seven far away from Bate with quick tags. Seven attempts the tag but O’Reilly holds onto his shorts. Seven avoids a clothesline and DDT’s O’Reilly and tags Bate!

Bate storms the ring, hitting dropkicks to both O’Reilly and Strong, then a diving European uppercut to O’Reilly. Strong is tagged back in as Bate lifts O’Reilly onto his shoulders. Bate catches Roddy by the foot, tips him over, then performs a big swing to Roddy, with O’Reilly still on his shoulders! O’Reilly transitions to a sleeper and Roddy kicks Bate away but Tyler responds by German suplexing Roddy with O’Reilly on his back! Bate attacks O’Reilly in the corner but eats a stiff running clothesline from Strong. O’Reilly goes to work on Bate, grounding him with an wristlock, then hitting him with palm strikes. Strong and Bate hit a nice double-team knee to Bate and O’Reilly applies a bodyscissors as the crowd attempt to will Bate to his feet.

Strong tags back in and applies the Gory Special to Bate. Bate escapes and shoves Strong into the corner but O’Reilly tags himself in and beats the crap out of Bate’s leg. He and Strong exchange quick tags as they try to maim Bate. Strong is sent flying over the top rope to the outside and O’Reilly runs in, only for Bate to throw him outside and make the tag to Trent Seven. The big man runs the gamut, even hitting a bottom rope suicide dive to O’Reilly. Seven clotheslines both men in opposing corners before one-hand powerbombing O’Reilly. He scores a two-count on Roderick Strong after a sidewalk slam. O’Reilly is tagged back in and he lands a back body drop on Seven. Strong comes back in and lands an Angle Slam for a near-fall. Strong and O’Reilly look for a double-team move but Bate runs in and hits a head-over-heels kick to O’Reilly. Strong knocks him from the ring and applies the Stronghold submission to Seven. Bate returns but Kyle catches him with a guillotine. Bate and Seven are both in danger of submitting or passing out when Bate lifts O’Reilly off of the mat and runs him into Strong to break the holds and all four men are down!

Bate and Strong get to their feet and brawl until bate knocks Roddy from the ring, then dives over the top rope with a senton to O’Reilly. Bate ricochet’s off of the ropes with a clothesline to Strong, then brings him back into the ring and hits the Tyler Driver for a near-fall! Bate takes to the top rope but O’Reilly throws his injured leg into the pole. Strong then picks Bate up and throws him leg-first into the turnbuckles. O’Reilly knocks Seven from the apron and applies a heel hook to Bate. Seven gets back to the apron and tries to come in and break the submission but the referee stops him, meanwhile Strong drags O’Reilly and Bate closer to his corner. Seven leaves the ring and grabs a white towel and considers throwing it in as Bate looks in agony. The crowd don’t want it, and so Seven tosses it into the crowd and urges Bate to make the tag. Roddy runs at Seven in the corner but gets flipped over the ropes to the floor. Bate drags himself to the corner and makes the tag. Seven slaps O’Reilly, then hits a ripcord clothesline for a near-fall. He tags Bate again and they hit the Burning Hammer but O’Reilly kicks out!

Seven tags back into the match and applies a full nelson to O’Reilly. Bate bounces off of the ropes head-first for a clothesline but Strong catches him with a leaping knee. O’Reilly then chop-blocks Seven and they hit the High-Low for the win!

Winners: The Undisputed Era

O’Reilly and Strong slowly get to their feet as we see replays. They celebrate their hard-fought win when all of a sudden The War Raiders appear behind them and attack! They hit their incredible double-team moves on O’Reilly and Strong and send the Champions a very clear message.

The Velveteen Dream is out first. The Dream is wearing tights that say “Call Me Up Vince” on them.

The Velveteen Dream Vs. EC3

EC3 tries to get inside Dream’s head as the referee calls for the bell. They lock-up and EC3 uses his power to force Velveteen to the corner. Dream goes to work on the arm but EC3 escapes and does a lifting wristlock. Dream climbs to the top rope but EC3 kicks him, causing Dream to be crotched on the ropes. A big right hand from EC3 knocks Dream to the floor outside. Dream gets on the apron but EC3 blocks a Sunset Flip attempt, then mocks Dream and lands a right hand. EC3 stays in charge with a body slam. EC3 then lands a jumping elbow drop, followed by a Cactus Clothesline that sends both men outside.

Dream blocks a suplex and hits his twisting spike DDT on the ramp! The crowd starts chanting “Put The Screen On” as the titantron is not showing the match, and then they cheer when it finally appears. Big chop to the back of EC3 by Dream as he begins to take control. Dream hits Rude Awakening for a near-fall. EC3 blocks another Rude Awakening, but Dream is able to hit it, but makes a nonchalant cover to only get a two-count. EC3 sent off the announce table repeatedly, then Velveteen throws water at him.

Back inside the ring, EC3 comes back with his STO variation. Exchange of strikes, but EC3 begins mounting a comeback, turning Dream inside out with a big right hand. Avalanche in the corner, followed by a Running Blockbuster. EC3 hits the original a headlock driver for a near-fall. Dream responds with a slap, which just fires EC3 up. Dream comes back with a shot to the throat, but EC3 slams him off the turnbuckles. Dream rolls through a crossbody and hooks the tights for a near-fall. EC3 with a powerbomb, then a Deadlift Sit-Out Powerbomb for a close two-count.

They fight on the turnbuckles until EC3 hits a Top Rope Superplex for 2. Dream avoids EC3 again and hits a superkick, then the Dream Valley Driver for a close 2. EC3 stops another Dream Valley Driver and hits a German for a close 2. They roll onto the apron and begin exchanging blows, until Dream hits the Dream Valley Driver on the hard part of the ring! Dream heads up top and hits the Purple Rainmaker on the apron! He rolls EC3 back into the ring and pins him for the win!!

Winner: The Velveteen Dream

The Dream celebrates his big win. If I’m not mistaken, this is his first TakeOver win! A big step for Dream, but is it a step backwards for EC3?

We see Matt Riddle at ringside, who gets a big reaction from the crowd. He is NXT’s latest signee!

North American Championship Match
(C) Adam Cole Vs. Ricochet

We’ve got a big fight feel as the bell rings and the lights lower.  Ricochet and Cole talk trash to each other from across the ring and the majority of the arena chants for Cole. They lock-up and Ricochet takes the arm of Cole but it gets reversed, and the two trade holds for a minute. Cole tries to ground Ricochet with a headlock. The special one finally escapes and lands a picture-perfect dropkick and Cole rolls from the ring. Ricochet fakes the dive to the outside and poses in the middle of the ring as the fans cheer.

Ricochet ducks a clothesline from Cole and goes to the middle ropes but Cole shoves him off to the floor. Cole throws Ricochet into the barricade as he talks trash. Back inside the ring, Cole unleashes some ground and pound to Ricochet before landing a neckbreaker for a two-count. Cole reverses Ricochet to land another neckbreaker, then applies a sleeper. Ricochet fights to his feet and hits an incredible front dropkick and Cole rolls from the ring again. Ricochet doesn’t fake the dive this time as he performs a corkscrew moonsault to Cole.

Back in the ring, Ricochet hits a tiger kick in the corner, then a springboard uppercut for a two-count. Ricochet looks for a moonsault from the middle ropes but nobody’s home, so he hits a standing shooting star press instead. He follows it up with a springboard Red Arrow for a near-fall! Cole elbows Ricochet then, as Ricochet looks for a springboard handstand, catches him in mid-air with a backstabber for a near-fall!

Ricochet rolls to the outside and springboards in, Cole looks for a superkick but Ricochet catches his foot! Ricochet hits a discus forearm, then looks for a springboard moonsault but Cole catches him with a superkick to the head!! Unbelievable! Cole follows-up with a neckbreaker for a near-fall. Ricochet looks for a roll-up for a near-fall, then both men trade elbows, kicks and knees to huge cheers from the fans. Cole pulls himself up in the corner and looks for a running knee to the back of Ricochet but misses and Ricochet catches him with a reverse Frankensteiner! Ricochet looks to follow-up with a dive from the top rope but Cole rolls to the apron as the fans boo. Ricochet runs, leaps over the top rope and catches Cole (on the apron) with a hurricanrana to the floor! Ricochet gets Cole back inside and hits the 630 from the top rope for the win!!

Winner and New North American Champion: Ricochet

Wow, what a match! That thing was like a highlight reel from a video game. Some crazy spots and no botches, that will be hard to top.

NXT Women’s Championship Match

(C) Shayna Baszler Vs. Kairi Sane

The other three Horsewomen, Rousey, Duke, and Shafir, are shown watching from ringside as Sane and Baszler lock-up. Shayna counters a waistlock into an armbar, which Sane then counters into a leglock. They are forced to break due to a rope break. Kairi goes for the leg again and rolls Baszler up for a two count. Sane uses a stretch muffler submission, but Shayna escapes and they butt head, literally. They trade strikes until Sane takes her down with a headscissor, then sends the Champion from the ring with a basement dropkick.

Sane follows-up with a running elbow off the apron. Shayna takes back control with a low dropkick to the knee. Baszler then stomps on the right leg of Sane and tries to maim her. Baszler is sent to the outside but dodges a shoulder tackle before draping Sane’s injured leg over the middle rope. Back inside the ring, Baszler mounts Sane for some punches to the face before she goes back to the leg with a heel hook. Baszler contorts Sane’s leg in some horrible ways, then stomps on the heel as her toes were pointed to the mat. Shayna mocks Kairi’s signature march before kicking her in the leg in the corner.

Sane gets back to her feet and gets fired-up. Kairi hulks-up and doesn’t sell Baysler’s punches, then unloads with some of her own. She starts to build momentum with a running knee in the corner for a two count. Kairi takes to the top rope but Baszler meets her on the top turnbuckle and lands a nice gutwrench superplex! Baszler goes for a vertical suplex, but Sane escapes, hits the ropes, and nails her with a Spear. Sane climbs to the top and hits the InSane Elbow! But she doesn’t go for the cover, she climbs back up for a second, but Baszler rolls out of the ring.

Kairi calls an audible and leaps with a crossbody from the top rope to the floor! She sends Baszler back inside and heads back up for another InSane Elbow and hits it, but Baszler kicks out at two! Sane goes for a submission, but Baszler turns it into the rear naked choke. Sane barely reaches the ropes to force a break and Baszler is distraught. Shayna then looks for a heel hook, but Kairi rolls it into a different hold, forcing Shayna to grab the bottom rope. Sane catches Baszler with an Alabama Slam before heading back up to the top rope. She looks for the Elbow once more but Baszler blocks it with her feet! The Champion tries to lock in the rear choke again, but Sane rolls back into a pin and gets the win!!

Winner and New NXT Women’s Champion: Kairi Sane

Sane celebrates her huge title win after the fact. She cried and bows with the Championship as the fans cheer. A nice moment.

Johnny Gargano is the first man down to the ring, followed by the Champion. A nice “Fu$k You Ciampa” chant accompanies him to the ring. We get ring introductions for both men… sort of.

WWE NXT Championship
Last Man Standing Match
(C) Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Johnny Gargano

As Ciampa is being introduced, Gargano attacks him from behind! Johnny punches and kicks Ciampa in the corner until the Champion rolls from the ring. Ciampa takes off his jacket before rolling back in and exchanging shots with Gargano. Johnny catches CIampa with a Thesz Press, then unleashes punches in the corner. Ciampa throws Gargano to the apron and looks for the draping DDT but he doesn’t land it. Gargano then sends Ciampa from the ring and looks for a baseball slide but nobody’s home, and Ciampa rams Johnny into the steps.

Gargano reverses Ciampa and launches him into the barricade, then again. Gargano beats Ciampa against the barricade as the fans chant his name. He tosses the Champion back into the barricade before lifting the mat at ringside, exposing the concrete beneath. Gargano gets reversed by Ciampa, who rakes the eyes. Ciampa throws Gargano onto the barricade and looks for the draping DDT but Johnny avoids it and rams Ciampa into the ring post. Gargano climbs onto the apron ad hits a running senton to Ciampa. The Champion is sent flying over the announce table onto Percy Watson. Gargano lifts Ciampa onto the announce table but gets reversed and Ciampa lands an Air Raid Crash through the announce table!

Gargano gets to his feet before 10 and Ciampa sends him back into the ring. Ciampa grabs a chair and takes it into the ring. Gargano hits Ciampa as he looks to use the chair but the Champ gets the better of him anyway. Ciampa knocks Johnny Wrestling into the corner and hits two running knees. Tommaso then sets-up a chair in front of Gargano’s face and looks for another knee, but Gargano gets-up and smashes the chair off of Ciampa’s knee! Gargano clocks Ciampa with the chair, then wallops him across the back twice. Gargano uses the chair like a spike to crush Ciampa’s gut. Johnny places the chair between the ropes and looks to lawn-dart Ciampa into it but Tommaso climbs off and applies a sleeper to Gargano.

Ciampa holds the submission until Johnny is practically passed out. He waits for the referee to count but Johnny gets to his feet, at which time Ciampa applies the sleeper again. This time Gargano gets to his feet and rams Ciampa into the corner. Ciampa looks to sit on the turnbuckles and choke Gargano but he gets grabbed and used like a lawn dart into the chair wedged between the ropes! Gargano goes to the outside and pulls a table from under the ring, meanwhile Ciampa uses the ropes to pull himself up. Gargano sets the table up on the exposed concrete, then gets another table and stacks them, but the top one is upside down!

Gargano looks to suplex Ciampa from inside the ring through the tables below. Instead Ciampa pulls him into the ring and hits a German suplex, then another, and a third. Ciampa hits a running knee with the knee brace, then unleashes some chair shots to the back of Gargano. He lifts Gargano up and hits the powerbomb backbreaker, then two more in a row! The referee starts to count and Ciampa unfolds the chair and takes a seat. Gargano gets to his feet at 9 and superkicks Ciampa on the chair! Both men are down.

They both get up at 5 and trade punches. Gargano reverses a punch and lands some clotheslines, then hits the rolling kick to the head. Gargano looks for the slingshot spear but Ciampa catches him with a knee. Ciampa tries to land another powerbomb backbreaker but Gargano reverses with a hurricanrana. Gargano catches him with an enziguiri but Ciampa responds with a German suplex. Johnny replies with a kick to the gut, then a German suplex of his onw. They hit each other with simultaneous clotheslines and fall, only to both get up at 1 and start trading blows.

They trade reversals until Gargano hits a clothesline and they’re both down again. This time Ciampa is up first and he rolls from the ring. Gargano jumps to the apron, kicks Ciampa away, then looks for a running senton but nobody’s home. Ciampa throws Gargano into the apron, then hits the Fairytale Ending on the steel steps! The referee starts counting but Gargano gets up at 9. Ciampa goes under the ring and pulls out a toolbox, then cuts the ring mat again, just like last time. He drags Johnny and smashes his face off of the steel steps. He heads back into the ring and pulls up the ring mat and padding, exposing the wooden boards beneath.

Ciampa looks to drag Johnny back inside but instead gets sprayed with a fire extinguisher! Gargano gets back inside the ring and cracks Ciampa with a crutch! Tommaso rolls from the ring and Johnny hits him again, breaking the crutch! Ciampa rolls back inside and Johnny chases after but Ciampa grabs him for the draping DDT, just like last time, but this time Gargano avoids it. Ciampa punches Gargano on the apron, as he hangs precariously above the two tables he stacked earlier. As he looks for the final punch, Gargano catches him with a enziguiri and Ciampa rolls to the nearby apron. Ciampa starts to climb back in but Gargano jumps over the ropes and hits the draping DDT on the exposed boards!

Ciampa rolls from the ring to his feet to prevent the referee’s count. Gagrano hits him with a suicide dive and Ciampa stumbles around the ring to the announce table. Gargano lands another suicide dive, then accidentally superkicks an official at ringside. Ciampa uses the distraction to smash Garagano’s head off of the monitor on the announce table. Ciampa then grabs the chair as Johnny crawls to the barricade, and hits him with a running knee, using the chair, and break the barricade! Ciampa then throws the knocked-out official onto Johnny, as well as a chair and some other crap, hoping to keep him down for the 10 count.

Somehow Gargano pushes all the crap aside and gets to his feet at 9 and Ciampa looks defeated. The fans chant “Johnny Wrestling” as Ciampa goes under the apron and pulls out some handcuffs. He looks to handcuff Gargano to the ringpost but Johnny pulls him into the post. Inside the ring, Gargano looks to handcuff Ciampa’s hands behind his back but the Champion avoids it this time with an elbow. Ciampa takes Johnny to the apron and looks to hit the air raid crash through the two stacked tables at ringside but Johnny escapes into the ring. He punches Ciampa, who is barely holding on, then superkicks him and the Champion crashes through the tables and the referee starts counting!

Ciampa uses the crutch at ringside to help him to his feet at 9 and the fans chant “Fight Forever!” Gargano stares at Ciampa from inside the ring and seems perplexed as to what he can do. Ciampa starts backing-up, up the ramp, but Johnny goes up and kicks the crutch away from him. Gargano then grabs Ciampa and tosses him into the LED boards, payback! Johnny applies the Gargano escape and Ciampa taps but that won’t work here. Gargano finally does handcuff Ciampa, to the side of the stage by some tech. He slams Ciampa’s head into the equipment, then superkicks him. Ciampa apologises profusely as Gargano refuses, and kicks him again. Gargano picks him up and hits another superkick. Gargano looks for a final superkick as Tommaso apologises and begs for mercy. Gargano refuses, then takes down his kneepad, runs and knee’s Ciampa in the head but his momentum makes him fly on and crashes through equipment on the floor below the stage, and to the floor . The referee counts as Gargano holds his knee in agony on the floor. Ciampa is down on the stage. The referee gets to a count of 9 and… Ciampa rolls off of the stage and lands on his feet, thanks the handcuffs.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

The officials are checking on Gargano and Mauro Rannalo says he has been told that Gargano dislocated his knee and therefore never could have stood. Ciampa drapes the title in front of Gargano’s face on the floor.

Officials help Johnny to his feet as Ciampa poses with his title on the stage. He leaves and we’re left with Gargano being helped to the ramp. Ciampa comes back out and poses for Johnny on the stage to end the show. That’s it for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV. Let us know your thoughts and come back tomorrow for a long day of SummerSlam! Until then, safe travels!

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