Matt Riddle Appears During NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV

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Matt Riddle has been close to WWE for quite some time. At first, WWE didn’t want to touch him because of his association with marijuana, but it looks like they changed their mind.

The former UFC fighter lit up the indie circuits after his suspension from MMA following getting popped too many times from drug tests. But he started canceling dates leading some to believe he was on his way.

Riddle also axed his online store which was another telltale sign he was on his way to WWE as well. He appeared ringside in a typical “welcome to NXT” kind of fashion during the TakeOver show in Brooklyn and he looked happy to be there.

There are a lot of people who see big things for Riddle’s future in WWE, so only time will tell what happens to him. Let’s just hope WWE does him right, but he seems to be off to a good enough start at this point.

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