E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Mauro Ranallo – SummerSlam & Takeover Preview, NXT As WWE’s Main Competition, Ranallo’s Commentary Style, More!

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Edge and Christian open today’s show by speaking about the death of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. They’re both at a loss for words as they try to discuss Neidhart’s passing. They note that Neidhart was a legendary character in the wrestling business and he was a great family man as well, and they both send their regards to Natalya and the rest of the Neidhart family.

Edge notes that the SummerSlam Kickoff show features two very different matches, Vega/Almas vs. Rusev/Lana and Alexander vs. Gulak. They note that the 205 Live guys are probably sick of working the pre-show, and they all continue to raise their game in order to get noticed. They’re both looking forward to this Cruiserweight bout.

Christian likes the Constable Corbin character, as this has added some layers to Corbin’s presentation. Edge agrees, but doesn’t like that Corbin wrestles in street clothes. He’d prefer to see Corbin wrestle in a Bret Hart-like singlet. Edge wonders if we’ll see The Demon return at SummerSlam, as he’s been away for a while now. Christian notes that The Demon is better left for special events.

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