WWE Legend Apologizes For Mistreating People “On The Way Up”


Virgil isn’t a WWE Hall Of Famer, and some might argue about us calling him a “legend,” but he did take part in several memorable angles with the Million Dollar Man, and the reason for his name alone as a rib on Dusty Rhodes (allegedly) puts Virgil firmly into WWE history.

He did a lot on his way through the business and some of those things might not be proud moments for Virgil at this point, and it might be why he’s so lonely. After all, he’s famous for having nobody at his table during fan expos or where ever someone will let him set up a booth.

“Truth. I was an assh*le to a lot of the talent on the way up,” Virgil wrote on Twitter. “Truth. People were assholes to me on my way up and thought it was what I was taught to do. Truth. I’m sorry about it.”

It sounds like Virgil was doing some real reflection recently and it ended up on social media. He’s received a pretty receptive response for his apology so far. He wasn’t specific about what he did, but he’s sure sorry about it.

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