Roman Reigns Calls Fans Who Hate Him “Closet Lovers”


The Big Dog spoke with Yahoo! Sports about his massive upcoming showdown with the Beast Brock Lesnar this Sunday at SummerSlam. This will be the fourth attempt Roman has made to try and dethrone the Universal Champion, which has made haters of the Roman Empire extraordinarily unhappy. Reigns addresses these fans by saying that they secretly love him.

I think they’re like closet lovers to be honest. You can say whatever you want, but it’s how you say it that matters. The way they deliver it, they’re more connected to me than their so called ‘favorites.’ For me to be able to pull on whatever string I pull on, it just goes to show there’s a deep rooting there.

“[The crowd reaction] doesn’t really matter to me, as long as they’re really loud, that’s all I really care about. There could be certain moments where they try to hijack shows and all of that, but by the end of the match, they’re standing up so I’ve been blessed. I really do think that if they love to hate you, they still love you.

He’s not wrong. Whether you love or hate the man, this is his yard, and he knows how to work it. Check out the full interview here.

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