Seth Rollins has been on the cover of PW Illustrated before and featured plenty of times as both Tyler Black and Rollins but it turns out he was in the magazine years before he was actually wrestling and making waves on his own.

Brandi Mankiewicz’s column The Insider took a look at pro wrestling fans in February 2004 and they featured a picture of a young Rolins, then just known as Colby Lopez and a couple of his friends.

A young Seth Rollins was pictured in Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2004. He was pictured as a fan at an event with the caption reading, “I learned a lesson recently: There are ugly fans everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s a WWE show or a small independent show. Wrestling brings out all of the freaks.”

It’s pretty hilarious knowing how far Rollins’ career has gone at this point seeing where he came from. Apparently, he looked like just another pro wrestling fan and just another one of the freaks.


So you can tuck this little piece of trivia away because Rollins’ first appearance in the famous pro wrestling magazine was actually in Feb 2004, one year before he even broke into the indie wrestling scene.

H/T goes to AfroChad11 for the tip on Reddit


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