Former WWE Superstar Says Randy Orton Teabagged His Boot


Recent allegations have come to light that were actually quite old saying Randy Orton liked to show his man parts to new writers as a way to break them in. Mr. Kennedy spent some time in WWE and was even fired after he took a suplex from Kennedy the wrong way.

Ken Kennedy spent some time doing a You Shoot interview where he discussed one disturbing experience he had with The Viper that borders on highly inappropriate.

“One time I was in the locker room. Everyone had left the building and it was just Randy Orton and I in the locker room. He was naked and he had just come out of the shower or something and he was naked.”

“I remember my boots were sitting there and he kept dipping his c*ck into my boot. I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ He was like *ding* just dipping his balls and his c*ck into my boot.”

“He used to do stuff like this and we’d be riding in the car and I’d be like, ‘Randy, there’s no one else around to find that funny.'”

Only time will tell if WWE’s investigation into the matter actually unearths any proof of Orton’s inappropriateness backstage, but it certainly seems like we have enough proof by eyewitness accounts at this point to start a solid case that maybe at the very least Randy Orton has an extremely juvenile sense of humor.

Thanks to Punkamania101 on Reddit for the tip and if you use our quotes credit Ringside News

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