Finn Balor Teases Bullet Club Reunion Following G1 Climax Fallout

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Despite being advised not to continue getting involved in the G1 Glimax, Tama Tonga, Bad Luck Fale and Tonga Loa were eventually suspended for three months and fined.

Everything came to a head as Tonga took on Toru Yano in the G1. Loa and Fale came down to the ring but were cut off by NJPW President Harold Meij and a number of referees, officials and young lions.

While Tonga joked at first about the suspension being a three-month vacation, he was extremely unhappy when he suffered the consequences. Meanwhile, Fale felt very disrespected after being removed.

This ultimately led former Bullet Club leader and WWE Superstar Finn Balor to tease a WWE reunion for the original group. The tease mentioned Brooklyn- the location for SummerSlam week.

This led Fale to respond with a picture of himself, Tonga, Karl Anderson and Balor posed in a manga (comic book) as the original members of the Bullet Club.

Tonga also responded…although he did suffer a rather embarrassing autocorrect in the process.

Could you see Fale, Loa, and Tonga in WWE? Would you like to see them reunite with Balor? Sound off in the comments below.

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