RAW Superstar Titus O’Neil is well known for his charity work, which serves as a whole different side to his personality displayed in the squared circle. In his latest act of kindness, O’Neil is seemingly planning to open a free public school in a similar fashion to LeBron James.

O’Neil is a father of two and is a beloved member of both the WWE roster and his own community. As such, O’Neil has now announced his plans to work with his Bullard Family Foundation and Hillsborough County Schools to create a free public school for students around the county in question.

This school would reportedly include free tuition, uniforms, transportation, food pantry, adult education services and more. Below we have featured the announcement from his Instagram account:

“Just finished up a Phone convo w/my Bullard Family Foundation and @HillsboroughSch folks with hopes of moving forward with plans to start a PUBLIC school similar to @KingJames (ThxU) which will provide Free Tuition, Uniforms, Transportation, Food Pantry, Adult Ed Services and more!! When you take the Limits off the Possible it opens a Highway to the POSSIBILITIES I’m just an Ordinary Guy, With an EXTRAORDINARY VISION to duplicate the Love and Efforts that were used to get me to where I am today as a MAN!!”

There seems to be no time frame in place yet, but with O’Neil’s drive, we expect this project to be up and running as soon as humanly possible.


What are your thoughts in hearing this? Would you attend a school or let your children attend a school with benefits such as these? Sound off in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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