Raw Superstar’s Injury Worse Than Expected And He’s Not Coming Back So Soon


Pro wrestling isn’t a business for guys who like to take it easy on their bodies. Jason Jordan went out of action early this year due to a neck injury that required surgery, it was noted by his wife that it wasn’t serious and he will be back.

Now we have a different side of things because even though it appeared Jordan could return at any time and reform American Alpha in the process, he won’t be coming back so soon.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Jason Jordan’s injury was worse than expected and he’s not going to be returning at the present time. There was no actual return date spoken of, but “present time” probably means he’s not being looked at creatively backstage so you can probably take that for what you will considering how close we are to SummerSlam and they’re likely making plans for further down the line.

Hopefully, Jason will return and be okay, but it will still be interesting to see where the Kurt Angle’s baby boy gimmick leads, or if WWE will just forget it ever happened like we all wish we could.

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