SmackDown Live Superstar Kane may be out on a kayfabe injury, but he is doing wonders in the real world. Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, has now successfully been elected as the new major for Knox County, Tennessee.

As Jacobs looks to be sworn in on September 1, he stopped by Outside The Lines with Bob Ley as part of the ESPN family to discuss his transition from being a beloved wrestler to a political figure.

Jacobs first confirmed whether his connection to WWE and the world of professional wrestling helped in any capacity during the electoral process:

“They did help a lot. I knew I was going to have to run an unconventional campaign. So people like Daniel Bryan, Ric Flair and, of course, The Undertaker coming to town really created a lot of buzz. It really enabled me to get my name out there in a different way. [There were] huge crowds, so it really did help.”

On a related note, Jacobs also revealed how he has balanced his wrestling personna with his very different political personna:


“Well, the wrestling part, to me, was sort of the door opener. That was the way that, through the novelty, I could at least knock on the door and get people to open it up. But then, yes, I’d have to actually talk about real issues. The way I look at it is [that] it gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to people. It was up to me convince folks that I was serious and should be taken seriously as a candidate.”

Finally, Jacobs revealed that he is considering making some sporadic appearances on WWE TV despite being major of Knox County:

“I might do a special appearance every now and again. I’m a WWE Superstar, that’s what we do.”

You can watch the entire interview below:

Who do you believe will be the next WWE Superstar to try for office? What is your favorite Kane moment from his wrestling history? Sound off in the comments below.

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