Juice Robinson’s Promos Are Going To Take A Huge Blow In NJPW

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Juice Robinson’s promos backstage at NJPW have been legendary lately and filled with profanity. But now it sounds like he won’t be allowed to use the language he wants to.

Thanks to Tama Tonga swearing so much and choking a fan at ringside (even though no pressure was applied), now Juice won’t get to talk about “motherf*ckers” in his promos backstage.

Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that Robinson is going to do whatever he wants to though. But the new NJPW president wants to attract advertisers, so Juice needs to keep a lid on the profanity.

Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the talent was spoken to privately about it as well.

It makes sense if Juice just does his own thing because after all, what is NJPW going to do? Fire him so he goes back to WWE? Because it was reported last week that WWE wants Robinson back at this point since he’s proved himself away from the company.

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