Interesting Sign Of WWE’s Interest In Pentagon Jr & Fenix


Pentagon Jr and Fenix are pretty hard to ignore at this point. They’re everywhere including Impact, MLW, Lucha Underground, and all over the indies and in Mexico. WWE likes popular talent if anything so other people can’t have them.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE’s interest in Pentagon Jr and Fenix might take a very interesting turn soon enough because they are saying dates booked for 2019 aren’t in stone.

“[WWE] did a 180 on Matt Riddle for that reason. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix have told promoters who they’ve booked dates for in 2019 that those dates are in question.”

Only time will tell what will happen with Lucha Underground because the Lucha Brothers signed a very long contract with the television show and the El Rey network. But WWE’s bought out other guys’ contracts before even though they might not want to. This is another “wait and see” kind of situation, but things might have a chance of getting interesting very soon.


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