Big Sign That James Ellsworth’s Second WWE Run Is Officially Over


James Ellsworth was fired on SmackDown Live a couple weeks ago after he made fun of how pale Paige is. They’ve mentioned his name a couple times since referring to his firing and used his entrance music to cause a distraction but he hasn’t been seen since.

Ellsworth has been working the indies since his last exit from WWE, but he never stopped this time around. He wasn’t working house shows and has a per-night deal with WWE. Now it looks like WWE is putting his character back on the shelf again.

James Ellsworth has officially been added to the Alumni Section of the WWE website. Of course, they can always move him back over, but this is a pretty far ways to go in order to trick Becky Lynch who is currently trying to take Carmella’s SmackDown Women’s Title. So Mella might have to figure out another way to keep her title.

We have to say that there will always be a place for James Ellsworth in WWE, and we’re not just saying that because he reads RSN. We’re saying that because with the way he’s down for just about any angle, he is a valuable asset to the locker room. But for now, he’ll keep being a valuable member of the indie wrestling scene.

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