Mike Johnson of PWInsider speculated that WWE may allow Brock Lesnar to work for UFC if he were to re-sign with the company after his remaining dates are worked. WWE previously allowed this in the past, as when he fought Mark Hunt at UFC 200 last year, he will still under contract with the company.

“Everything involving Brock is kept very close to the vest to the point that I believe perhaps a dozen people at most know what his true status is. Everyone is expecting him to lose and leave at Summerslam, but everyone seemed to expect that at Wrestlemania and then at the Greatest Royal Rumble. My feeling is that he could easily do UFC and WWE at the same time if he wanted. WWE would allow it. They have before.”

Lesnar only has one more match left on his WWE contract and he’s expected to drop the title against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam this month. If Brock was to re-sign, it’s very possibly that those plans can change and he could end up working for both promotions.

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