Now You Can Smell Like The Bullet Club

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The Bullet Club are pretty great at merchandising their names. They have loads of t-shirts, a backpack, socks, and Funko Pop Vinyl figures. Now they also have their own scent.

We’re not sure what the new Bullet Club cologne will smell like, but we can only assume it has hints of success, sweat, royalty money, and turnbuckles.

Kenny Omega was quick to affirm that the BC Guys actually went that war as to market their own scene. Other pro wrestling companies have done the same in the past and WWE has a deal with Tap Out’s body spray so you can smell like a few variations of John Cena, but this is a new venture for the Bullet Club.

Congratulations to the BC Guys, let’s hope they sell a million bottles so WWE’s money isn’t so enticing.

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