Matt Riddle Shares Great Memory From His UFC Career

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Big Black is no longer with us, but Matt Riddle will never forget him. The former UFC fighter is most likely on his way to WWE, but he won’t forget where he started.

BB was there for one of Riddle’s fights in the Octagon and told him that he “did work” following the encounter in the cage. Riddle posted the following message along with a picture of the two of them that captured the memory.

“This is 6 yrs ago while I was still in the UFC, I just made $120,000.00 with my win plus submission bonus and big black said I did work!I love making people happy by entertaining them and these are some of my proudest moments in life and I’m glad I get to share them,” Riddle said on Twitter.

This is a pretty cool moment and it’s also interesting to know how much Riddle got paid to fight someone in the Octagon. $120,000 is nothing to sneeze at after all, but you never know how much more WWE could promise a guy like Riddle.


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