When Brock Lesnar Will Be Back On Raw

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Brock Lesnar’s new heel persona really kicked into high gear causing fans to wish anyone else was Universal Champion. His last match for a while at least will be at SummerSlam unless WWE signs him to another secret extension, but it looks like he’s got one more Raw to go.

Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that Brock Lesnar will be back on Raw in 2 weeks when they air the show from Greensboro NC show which is the go-home for SummerSlam.

It looks like if you don’t like Lesnar’s character switch-up you’re really going to get a chance to not like him soon enough because he’ll be back to read some more survival magazines and order some steak in 2 weeks.

He might have some explaining to do though because Lesnar’s last appearance on Raw saw him assaulting some people you really shouldn’t put your hands on unless you’re expecting some kind of punishment like Kurt Angle. But Lesnar probably doesn’t care so he’ll be back with no worry in his mind at all.


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