TGI Fridays “Fires” Baron Corbin For Taking His Vest Home From Work


Baron Corbin is the new constable of Raw and he is now sporting a business attire to the ring. He often wears a vest and it looks like this has gotten some attention from fans.

If you’ve ever been to a TGI Fridays and then you take a look at one of Corbin’s vests, it’s easy to see all he’s missing is some buttons about margarita specials. One fan recently yelled at Corbin during a live show like he was their waiter at TGI Fridays which was a pretty great observation.

TGI Fridays actually replied to Florida Wrestling Fan’s tweet saying they had to fire Corbin a couple of weeks ago for taking his vest home with him. We’re guessing once he’s wrestled in it a couple of times they won’t want it back.

The Lone Constable responded back asking what kind of severance package TGI Fridays gave their employees. Maybe he can score some boneless wings out of the deal.

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