Ronda Rousey is pretty great at being a WWE Superstar but she’s got 3 friends who are also pretty amazing as well. Now all 4 of MMA’s 4 Horsewomen are in WWE and it’s only a matter of time before they’re lighting things up.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Shafir’s match was at a small show where she tagged with Nikki Cross and didn’t work much in the match. But she did hit a hot tag and some judo throws. But Meltzer has heard wonderful things about her potential.

“I’ve heard people say that they think she could be the best worker of the 4 [Horsewomen] which is hard to believe that some one’s got more potential than Ronda Rousey at this and even Shayna I could see where you say that somebody younger could have more potential if [Marina] can get as good as Shayna is now then it will be a success.”

Only time will tell, but WWE might have some big stars on the way with incredible talent. The MMA 4 Horsewomen might take over WWE soon enough.

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