Australian wrestler Toni Storm has signed with WWE and is expected to be a prominent part of the NXT UK division. Storm was also just confirmed as the latest participant in the second-annual Mae Young Classic.

With her future now embedded in WWE, Storm is feeling the pressure. In a revealing interview with Mirror in the UK, Storm gave an insight into her WWE future and where she is at heading into NXT UK and the Mae Young Classic.

During the first Mae Young Classic, Storm defeated Ayesha Redmond in the first round, Lacey Evans in the second round, Piper Niven in the quarter-finals and went up against the eventual winner in Kairi Sane.

The 22-year-old was asked how she feels to be invited back for the second Mae Young Classic, following the reveal of the NXT UK brand.


“It’s just strange because I feel like my brain still hasn’t let it sink in yet that I am associated with WWE. I have strived for it for so long and dreamt of getting into WWE from being a kid and I have never let it go. It’s completely surreal, a lot of the time I kind of don’t even think i have got there.”

Storm is grateful for being able to work with so many fantastic promotions leading up to her signing with WWE.

“Yeah, I mean I enjoyed the journey. It’s been great having PROGRESS behind me. I really have to thank them for me getting there. I don’t think I would have been considered if it wasn’t for them and I feel like they had a lot to do with it. I am very grateful for every company I have worked for and learnt from.”

When asked if she is nervous heading into the second Mae Young Classic, Storm clarifies how the pressure has been for her.

“It is strange because you think the more you do something, the more comfortable it gets. But for me, it gets worse with every match if I am honest! The pressure grows more and more to strive and be better. It helps me though, to push myself to be better. The saying goes ‘the moment you stop getting nervous is the day you should quit’.”

Storm reveals what her main goal in wrestling is, now that she is with WWE.

“Well, since I was little my goal was always to make it to WrestleMania. I will be happy when I finally get my title shot at WrestleMania! It was such a childish dream, but that is it.”

Storm answers a plethora of other questions during the interview, which you can read more of here.

Do you believe Storm will be the first NXT UK Women’s Champion? What is your opinion on Storm thus far? Sound off in the comments below.

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