Details On WWE’s Preliminary Plans For Matches At Evolution

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WWE’s Evolution pay-per-view is going to be a packed event likely with a bunch of people just showing up so they can be on camera. At this point, WWE is going to book a star-studded event with a possible big main event.

Bryan Alvarez expanded a bit on what fans could possibly expect from the Evolution pay-per-view during Wrestling Observer Live.

“The former stars got over big so the idea here on the Women’s Evolution pay-per-view is they want to get every woman from the main roster, a handful of girls from the NXT roster, maybe many of the girls from the NXT roster and a bunch of the older legends, Trish Stratus, Lita, etc and they want to get them all on the show.”

“The early ideas for the show, they want to do probably 8 matches which means there’s probably going to be a big battle royal. Maybe they can pick some random name from the past to name the battle royal after.”

“Singles matches, multi-woman matches, and the idea was to get the show done in about three hours and to get all those girls on there they need to have 50 girls to get as many girls from the past, present, and NXT as they can.”

Are you excited about the first-ever all female WWE pay-per-view? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and what 8 matches would you book for the show?

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