Children Mistake Noelle Foley For A Real-Life Barbie Doll In Public

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Noelle Foley has a lot of fans who know her from pro wrestling or being Mick Foley’s daughter. She also does other appearances as well to try and make a name for herself. But it turns out some little girls actually mistook her for a real-life Barbie Doll.

Noelle posted, “These three little girls came running over to me filled with happiness because they thought I was the REAL Barbie and it honestly melted my heart,” She also posted some photographic evidence.

Foley recently posted an audition video for her SI Swimsuit issue. But while she’s waiting for a phone call from Sports Illustrated, she can perform at children’s birthday parties.

It turns out Noelle might have another budding career as a doll impersonator if she plays her cards right. At any rate, it’s still nice to see Mr. Foley’s Baby Girl is still having a good time.

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