Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary Results – July 22nd, 2018

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LAX backstage promo about the 5150 Street Fight up next.

Video package on how we got to LAX vs. The OGz.

5150 Street Fight: Impact Tag Team Championship
LAX vs. The OGz

LAX wears new face paint and comes through the crowd for their entrance. Brawl ensues early. Hernandez overpowers LAX, but the Border Toss is stopped and Hernandez sent outside. LAX wipes out the OGz with stereo dives. LAX sets up tables in the ring. Hernandez comes back with cookie sheet shots to LAX, with Homicide using a trash can lid. Homicide chokes Ortiz with a chain, then Hernandez hits Air Super Mex on LAX outside! Homicide drills Santana with a trash can. King grabs a bottle of Draino and gives it to Homicide. Santana blocks it and hits a belly-to-belly. Ortiz is cut open above the nose. They brawl on the rampway as Hernandez backdrops Santana back into the ring. Hernandez is cut open also. OGZ go for a double team, but its stopped and Santana superkicks Hernandez. Hernandez catches a crossbody and hits the Super-Mex Bomb for a close 2. Homicide sent into the ringpost and LAX unloads with trash can shots. Ortiz grabs a ladder, while Santana sets up a table. LAX puts Hernandez on the ladder and hits a double-team onto him. LAX hits more double-teams on Homicide, but Hernandez pulls out the ref, then sends Ortiz into the crowd. Santana fights back, but Hernandez hits Get Off of Me, then Homicide hits the Tope Con Hilo on Santana through a table outside! Back in, Ortiz with a DVD to Homicide through a table! Homicide begs off, but Hernandez with the Border Toss through the table on Ortiz! Santana comes back with a superkick on Hernandez, followed by a Cannonball. Santana and Homicide trade blows, then Santana blocks the Gringo Cutter and hits another superkick. Konnan gets on the apron as Homicide goes for the Gringo Killer. Homicide spits at Konnan, who gives Santana a bag of tacks. Santana throws tacks at Homicide, slams him onto the tacks, then hits a Frog Splash to retain the titles. WOW!

Winners and STILL Impact Tag Team Champions: LAX via front splash

Afterwards, the OGz attack LAX, lay out Konnan with a slapjack and spraypaint the Tag Title belts with the OGz symbol.

Sami Callihan backstage promo about his Hair vs. Mask Match up next against Pentagon.

Video package on the Callihan-Pentagon rivalry.

Hair vs. Mask
Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr.

Loud reaction for Pentagon. Back-and-forth early, with Pentagon hitting a superkick and a Slingblade. Pentagon uncorks a big chop, but Callihan is protected by his vest. Callihan opens up his vest, daring Pentagon, who drills him with another chop. They brawl around ringside, with Callihan raking the eyes. They exchange chops, then Callihan blocks the Fear Factor (Package Piledriver) on the apron, then drills Pentagon with a chair to the head as he was going for a dive. Callihan throws multiple chairs into the ring and a railroad spike. Callihan rips at the mask of Pentagon and drills him with the spike. Callihan gouges Pentagon with the spike, busting him open above the eye. Callihan with shots to the open wound, then grabs his bat. Pentagon fights back and hits a backstabber. Pentagon now has the spike, but Callihan blocks it. Pentagon finally is able to nail Callihan with the spike. Callihan is busted open from the spike. Callihan gets hit in the face with his own bat, then Pentagon uses the bat to drive the spike into Callihan! OW! Both men each have a spike now and they block one another. Both men repeatedly hit each other in the head with the spike and go down. They exchange chops and shots and both go down again. Pentagon with another backstabber for 2. Pentagon goes for the Double Wristlock Armbreaker, but Callihan stops it. Pentagon throws a chair at Callihan, then stops interference from oVe. Callihan throws powder in the eyes of Pentagon, who nails the ref, thinking it was Callihan. Pentagon then breaks the ref’s arm with the Double Wristlock Armbreaker! Pentagon realizes what he did, crowd chants “You F’d Up”. Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver, but there is no ref. Callihan rakes the eyes and hits the Cactus Driver (Stump Piledriver) onto the chair, second ref comes in and gets a close 2. Callihan sets up a chair platform, but Pentagon goes to the eyes and hits the Fear Factor onto the chair platform, but Callihan kicks out! Pentagon is in shock! Pentagon with multiple basement superkicks as Callihan spits at him. Pentagon breaks Callihan’s arm with the Double Wristlock Armbreaker, then hits another Fear Factor for the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. via Fear Factor

Callihan tries to flee after but Fenix stops him and holds him down for Pentagon to shave Callihan’s head.

Video package announcing Bound for Glory will be at the Melrose Ballroom in New York City on October 14.

Video package on the main event.

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