During the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked whether or not Vince McMahon sees Ring of Honor recently booking Madison Square Garden as a threat and whether McMahon would utilize his deep financial pockets to sign ROH’s popular free agents.

Meltzer explained that while no one can really compete with WWE, the issue remains with Ring of Honor booking MSG legitimizes them and WWE isn’t really fond on the idea of another wrestling promoting selling out the venue.

“I’ve got to think he’s gonna go with that tact. They could have let them do the Garden, if they didn’t care. Obviously he cares because they didn’t let them do it. They tried to block the Garden because of the idea that if the Garden is a big success it opens a lot of doors. It legitimizes them. If you go in there and sell out Madison Square Garden at the ticket prices they’re gonna charge, you’re now a legitimate product. You’re not WWE. You can’t compete with WWE; but, they’re gonna be somebody and they’re gonna be viewed – again because it’s in New York, not Chicago, not San Francisco – it’s gonna be viewed as like, ‘Oh there’s another wrestling company that sold out Madison Square Garden.’ Vince doesn’t want that so the best way to keep them from selling out Madison Square Garden…is The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, perhaps Marty Scurrl and Adam Page, that whole Being the Elite crew. Realistically they’re probably not going to get [Kazuchika] Okada. I’m almost certain they’re not gonna get [Hiroshi] Tanahashi and they’re not gonna kill New Japan in Japan. That’s not gonna happen; but, Ring of Honor is a different story.”

The ROH/NJPW G-1 Supercard event is scheduled to take place at Madison Square Garden on April 6th, 2019.

(H/T to WrestleZone for the above quotes)

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