Fandango is out of action for a while due to a shoulder injury. His tag team partner Tyler Breeze recently posted a little video of Drew McIntyre powerbombing him on Dango. This was a brutal looking spot and couldn’t have been good for his shoulder.

Breeze didn’t say anything but if a picture speaks 1,000 words then we can only guess how many words a video like this has in it. You can seriously see Fandango give out under the weight of that powerbomb and he wasn’t ready for it at all either.

This is just another example of why you need to be very careful in the ring. Accidents happen, but it’s also never an excuse to get careless. Obviously, McIntyre didn’t mean to injure Fandango but this footage gives us a pretty clear picture of how Dango got injured.

Fandango has since commented saying: “you should have picked Ziggler to tag with” and Breeze replied, “hahaha nah.”


Now he’ll be out for a long time as he recuperates from an injury. It wasn’t explicitly said he was injured during this spot, but the timing certainly makes sense if this was the case.

H Jenkins

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